Smoke On The Mountain: Homecoming

Smoke On The Mountain: Homecoming

Smoke On The Mountain: Homecoming

JANUARY 21-30, 2022

Conceived by Alan Bailey, Written by Connie Ray, Musical Arrangements by Mike Craver

January 21, 22, 28, 29 @ 7:30 pm
January 23, 30 @ 2:00 pm

Directed by Stacey Driskell
Music direction by Scott Wright

It’s October 1945. The war is over, and America’s years of prosperity are just beginning. But there’s another kind of rite of passage at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, where the Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe is giving his last service. Having been called to preach in Texas, he’s already bought a 10-gallon hat and is preparing to ride into the sunset with his wife, June, who is eight months pregnant. Tomorrow morning June’s brother, Dennis, will take over as the congregation’s pastor.

Join the Sanders Family as they send Mervin and June off in style with hilarious and touching stories and 25 fabulous bluegrass gospel favorites.


MEET THE CAST (in order of appearance):

STANLEY SANDERS                                                          Bill Watts
BURL SANDERS                                                                 Scott Wright
VERA SANDERS                                                                 Sarah Wright
DENNIS SANDERS                                                             Nathan Love
DENISE SANDERS CULPEPPER                                    Anna Atchison
REVEREND MERVIN OGLETHORPE                           Thomas Rowell
JUNE SANDERS OGLETHORPE                                    Stacie Holder
VIOLA THISTLETHORNE                                                 Stacey Driskell