Neil Simon’s FOOLS

Neil Simon’s FOOLS

Neil Simon’s FOOLS

JANUARY 12 – 21, 2018

By Neil Simon | Directed by Josh Jack Carl

Fools is a comic fable by Neil Simon, set in the small village of Kulyenchikov, Ukraine (Russian Territory), during the late 19th century. The story follows Leon Steponovich Tolchinsky, a schoolteacher who takes a new job educating Sophia, the daughter of Doctor Zubritsky and his wife, Lenya. Leon soon learns that there is a curse on the village that makes everyone stupid, but complications ensue when Leon falls in love with his pupil.


Leon Tolchinsky – Nick Youngblood

Sophia Zubritsky – Chelsea Seitz

Gregor Yousekevitch – Chris Cox

Doctor Zubritsky – Mark Wyatt

Lenya Zubritsky – E.A. Keeble

Snetsky The Shepherd – Maslin Brown

Mishkin The Postman – Don Bloom

Slovinya The Butcher – Nedra Bloom

Yenchna The Vendor – Kim McKenzie

The Magistrate – Steve Alsip


January 12, 13, 19, 20, @ 7:30pm

Jaunary 14, 21, @ 2:00pm