The CCT Writers Project is a venture by the Chickasaw Civic Theatre whose purpose is to solicit original non-musical works from playwrights to premiere on the CCT stage.

General Play Guidelines

  • Must be an original non-musical play not previously presented at any other venue.
  • May consist of one or more acts.
  • Must be suitable in both subject matter and language for the CCT audience (in the judgment of the Play Committee). Some specific areas to avoid include, but are not limited to, profane language, graphic sexual content, and nudity.

Play Submission

  • A Request for Submissions is posted publicly by August 1 of each year.
  • Submissions are due by December 31 of that same year and should be emailed to
  • All submissions are reviewed by the Play Committee the following January or February.
  • The identity of the playwright is hidden from the reviewers. As such, we ask writers not to post publicly or to share with anyone that they have submitted a work for review until after the Play Committee completes the review process.

Play Selection

  • If a work is accepted for production, the playwright is notified by April 1 of that same year.
  • Only one play is accepted for performance during each season cycle.
  • The Play Committee reserves the right not to choose a play to present from the project during a season cycle.
  • If a play is not accepted and it is not produced elsewhere in the interim, it may be submitted again in a future cycle.
  • If a play is accepted for production, all rights and control of the play revert to the playwright after the full run of the premiere production. CCT will retain no control or ownership of the play once the premiere run closes. CCT will retain only the rights to play-related photos, videos, or other media used on the website or in lobby displays around the time of the production.
  • The sets, costumes, props, and other production-specific materials created for the play will remain the property of CCT.

Play Performance

  • If a play is selected for performance, the Play Committee will offer a specific schedule slot in the upcoming season.
  • If the playwright agrees to have the play produced, the Play Committee will decide on the number of performances on the CCT stage.
  • The director for the new play will be chosen by the Play Committee, which may solicit input from the playwright.
  • The sets, costumes, props, and other production-specific materials created for the play will remain the property of CCT.

Play Compensation and Production Costs

  • If a play is accepted, CCT will NOT compensate the playwright for the right to present the work.
  • Rather, CCT will bear all costs of producing the play. Those costs include the use of the theatre for the performance, for the weeks of rehearsal required, and for whatever set and costume needs there may be.
  • The production expense is currently set by CCT at $1,000. CCT will be reimbursed for this cost from the proceeds of the ticket sales for the production. After that $1,000 has been recovered, any remaining income from ticket sales will be divided equally between CCT and the playwright. In other words, the playwright will earn one half of the profit from the show after production costs; the other half of the profit will remain with CCT.


For submissions or for questions, contact CCT at